Does this toner go bad? How long is it good for?

Studies show that applying lemon juice to the skin will in time lighten freckles and any discolorations. I have noticed that my skin appears lighter and more even toned.

Have you ever tried adding tea tree oil for antibacterial purposes?

For oily skin you can use rubbing alcohol, a drop or two of tea tree oil is also beneficial for oily acneic skin. If you do decide to use tea tree oil just make sure to not use more than two drops as it can dry it skin and cause irritation.

Sorry for the delayed response, let me know how it turns out :)

It will even your skin tone, which may include lightening sun damage but not lightening any freckles that you have ( usually much deeper pigmentation ). Let me know how it works for you :)

I have hormonal skin discoloration from having a hysterectomy 12 yrs ago...I hate the way my skin looks. Will this help w/ that discoloration?

Depending on how deep your pigment is, this toner is for evening out skin tone and slight discoloration. If you have dark pigmentation I would look into IPL laser treatments. They are amazing and will dramatically diminish pigmentation. I have received IPL spot treatments and I loved it!

I have redness around my nose, chin, and cheeks. Should this help or worsen?

If you experience redness, this recipe could irritate your skin. Try lowering the amount of lemon juice, substituting with witch hazel, also adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to calm redness and irritation ( I use this on bug bites and unexpected blemishes :) let me know how it works for you!

You can by lemon Juice that comes in a plastic, lemon shaped bottle.

Would this be alright to use lemon juice from the little lemon-shaped bottle you can buy at the superstore? I am just not sure because it has a LITTLE bit of preservative in it and I just had the bottle in my fridge...

Right, the lemon juice bottles that are sold are NOT pure lemon juice. Several other ingredients/additives.

I just started doing the ocm and wanted to know when do you use the toner? And how often? Please respond! Thanks!

I think lime juice on the skin and direct sunlight produce skin pigmentation. Maybe research before trying.

any thoughts on this used to lighten stretch marks? I just had a baby and they are starting to lighten up but this would be awesome if this lightened them faster!

Tea Tree Oil works well on stretch marks. Be sure to use a carrier oil.

As a dermatologist, may I ask where you get your information?

I would never recommend rubbing alcohol for oily skin. It is very harmful and normally damages skin quite a bit. I would recommend tea tree oil or castor oil. They are much more natural and also help if you have acne. Also please be sure to wear sunscreen if because lemon juice makes your skin ultra sensitive to the sun.

Rubbing alcohol is used in most astringents, toners and moisturizers on the market, (though they often rephrase it) it helps to balance your skins oil production which is why astringents for oily skin have a higher alcohol content than a toner for dry skin. You always want to be careful how much alcohol is in the product you use to make sure it is beneficial for your skin type. And yes, thank you sunscreen is definitely a must!!

I have dark pigmentation on the right side of my neck. Will this lighten?

Any dark pigmentation you would want to lighten your best results would be from a product containing a stronger lightening agent (Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone) . You just want to be careful when applying different products on your neck as the skin is a lot more sensitive than on the face, always test a spot to see how it reacts.

Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of blackheads? I suffer from both red pimples and blackheads.

I adore toner, i am so excited to try this out!

@ Moonchild, You can get that at any of the pharmacy stores

Hey! Question: how long can you keep this mixture? does it expire at somepoint?

The amount I made lasted for a few months and was still good, anything longer (or if kept in a warmer climate) I would suggest to store it in the fridge. Plus you will get the added bonus of a cool toner during the hot summer :)

I just llove this idea. But can you give me a substitute for witch hazel, please?

I have only used a recipe using alcohol or witch hazel but a friend of mine had made it using apple cider vinegar and she loves and it has really helped clear up her acne. Hope that helps :)

As an esthetician, I would like to know where you got your information, and this recipe in particular.

Found this post through pinterest. I have down sized the recipe considerably, since I have a small 3 ounce bottle. I have to say I just washed my face after making the small batch and so far I like the way my face feels after use.